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Sorry, but you need a Java 1.1.x-enabled browser to use this IRC client.

Connection instructions

You should minimise this browser to help prevent accidential closure or page changes.  The IRC Java applet should appear in a new window.

Enter a "nickname" into the box at the top of the IRC chat window, replacing the default "webuser_???", and then press the "Connect" button to connect to our IRC server (  Once connected, press the "Join" button and type in one of the above channel names, or press the "Channels" button and then select a channel from the list of "Official Channels" or "Netwide Channels".

Open channels are listed in the "Public/Private" channel bar at the bottom of the IRC chat area.  You may switch to any of the channels you have joined by selecting from this list.  A "ChanServ" window may open when entering a new channel for the fist time.  Read the message and then re-select your channel from the "Public/Private" list.

You can, of course, use any IRC client to connect to our IRC server.  Point the IRC client of your choice at, port 6667.  One of the best IRC clients for GNU/Linux is X-Chat.  One of the best IRC clients for MS Windows is mIRC.  Installing your own IRC client will make your life a lot easier if you intend to make a lot of use of IRC.  If you can recommend a decent IRC clent for another popular operating system then we'd be happy to post a link to it here.

The IRCnet operator (Kevin Walsh) is currently Online status

IRCnet channel guide

Name Purpose
#chat An unrestricted channel for general discussions.
#interchange Interchange users' discussion forum.  Other subjects should be discussed in the appropriate channel, or in #chat.
#cursor Discussions relating to Cursor Software Limited.
#icdevgroup Interchange development group private channel.  This channel is for use by current Interchange development group core team members only.  Core team members who haven't done so already will need to register their nickname with NickServ and ask the IRCnet operator to be added to the channel's access control list.  Non-members are always welcome to use the #interchange channel.

Server rules and other notes

Please read the IRCnet server rules, which are listed in the "message of the day" (MOTD).  Depending upon the IRC client you use, the MOTD may or may not be automatically shown upon connection.  If it is not shown then you may request it by typing "/motd" at any time.

This IRC server is a free service, run for the benefit of our customers.  Cursor Software makes no guarantee as to the reliability of this service and reserves the right to withdraw it at any time, and without notice.

This IRC server ( is located in London, England.  The Cursor IRCnet Operator can be contacted at

Interchange help website For more information... RTFM!

If you haven't done so already, you might want to take a look at the Interchange RTFM website, which has some useful links, documentation and downloads for the Interchange application server.

Why not make a donation to this server's housekeeping fund? If you find this server, or the RTFM website, helpful then please send whatever you consider this server's continued existence is worth to you.  All donations will go towards the cost of keeping this server alive. Please click here to go to our donations page.

IRCnet statistics

If you're an IRC geek then you may find the Cursor IRCnet statistics pages interesting.